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Rusland Travel Group is a leading Consultancy firm, which can serve clients both domestically and globally. We offer the knowledge, insight and guidance needed to move forward with confidence. Our consultants deliver world-class and rigorous analysis, deep knowledge of their industries, and pragmatic solutions to produce practical, high-impact results – quickly.

We are a team of professionals comprising of auditing, taxation, legal and other financial experts, we provide first-class service to our clients in India, Russia and Europe. Our highly dedicated team provides best-in-class, realistic solutions that result in profitability and long-term sustainability to our clients. The new economy demands new business models and tools, as well as new approaches to doing business.

Our mission is to improve the operational effectiveness of our clients by developing solutions and building the internal capability of our clients.

We bring to our clients new ideas, new business models, and a new perspective. In doing so, we support the transition by actually facilitating the implementation of the solutions. We know how to effectively focus on the most important areas of your company and work with you to accomplish your goals. Our scalable approach and our proven tools remove the guesswork, eliminate redundant or ineffective actions, and create bottom line results. We provide live, real-time strategies with integrated actions that can be rapidly executed.