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About Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world. It has a long and interesting history. The country is famous for its numerous places of interest. The capital of Russia is Moscow, and it’s the biggest city in the country. Another big and famous city in Russia is Saint Petersburg. It has once been a capital of the country. These two cities have the majority of Russian sights. For example, the Kremlin, which is situated in the heart of Moscow, the Bolshoi Theater, which is also in Moscow and many others. Saint-Petersburg is famous by its magnificent architecture. Almost every building in the city looks like a rare masterpiece.  


Approximately half of the territory of the country is covered with forests. Its flora and fauna are quite diverse.


Russia is the country with great cultural heritage. There are historic and cultural monuments nearly in every city and town.

Many people take trips along some Russian cities, called Golden Ring. The Golden Ring of Russia includes such cities as Suzdal, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl and many others. These cities are famous for their rich history and ancient churches. Also, tourists can take part in some authentic festivals when visiting these cities. Another famous sight in Russia is situated in the center of Asia. It’s called Altay. Many tourists want to see this amazing region, which is known for its crystal clear lakes, high mountains and other natural wonders. The deepest lake in the world, Baikal, is also situated in Russia, in the East Siberian region.