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About Saint-Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is a large beautiful city in the north-western part of Russia. It is a city of white nights, green parks, numerous channels and bridges, granite embankments and railings. Many famous Russian and foreign architects created the face of the city in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    The city consists of forty four islands connected to each other with beautiful bridges. Multiple channels give Saint-Petersburg its own charm. If you are walking in Petersburg at night be accurate. About two o’clock at night bridges start opening. It’s necessary for big ships to have the opportunity to cross Saint-Petersburg. So you’d better get some information about the regime of bridge opening in advance and look at this exciting show.

    In the cultural capital Saint-Petersburg you’ll find a lot of museums, monuments and cathedrals. The most famous museum of world importance is of course the Hermitage. The works of arts collection of the Hermitage was started with Ekaterina’s (Cathrine) purchase of 225 pictures made by masters from Western Europe. Today the museum has about three million exhibits. Just imagine! You’ll need 15 years to see all the exhibits of the Hermitage having a minute looking at each of them and spending 8 hours a day on that. Besides each hall itself is a work of art. Malachite, George and Peter halls are very popular among tourists.

    In front of The Winter Palace – the Hermitage building there’s a Palace square. You can have a nice walk on it. But don’t stay here for long because there are lots of other places which are worth visiting in Saint-Petersburg. But I think that each tourist must leave some time just for walking on the streets of the cultural capital, feeling the city atmosphere, diving to its rich history. You can also walk in beautiful gardens and parks, for example to go to the quiet and mysterious Summer garden.

    Furthermore, pay attention to the churches and cathedrals which decorate Petersburg. The Kazan cathedral, the Isaac cathedral, the Spas-na-krovi cathedral they are completely different. You can relax on the benches or even on the grass if you want near The Kazan cathedral. You have an opportunity to get to the top of the Isaac cathedral and to enjoy the view from the height of a bird’s flight. By the way the Isaac cathedral is the biggest temple in Russia. The Spas-na-krovi cathedral excites with the beauty of its domes. And you must go inside to any of these cathedrals. Here you can feel the difference between a catholic and an orthodox temple.

    The theatres of Saint-Petersburg are also very famous all over the world. You’d better book the tickets because there are always lots of people interested in theatre. The Maryynsky theatre is magnificent. Here you can take in the pleasure of wonderful opera and unforgettable ballet. Lots of really great people worked and still work in the Maryynsky theatre. And magnificent furniture will take you back to the times of Peter I and Ekaterina II.

    The interesting sightseeing to visit are cruiser Aurora and the monument Cooper horseman. Cruiser Aurora is situated near the building of Nahimov naval school. The volley signing the start of Bolshevist’s Revolution was given here. Cooper horseman is a monument erected by the order of Ekaterina II in glory of Peter I.Now you can read on the monument “To Peter I. Ekaterina II” in Russian from one side of it and in Latin from the other. Its uniqueness is caused by the fact that the monument has only two points of support.

    Of course it’s not all you can see in Saint-Petersburg. You can visit Kunstkamera, Russian Museum, monuments of Peter the Great, Ekaterina II, Nikolai I,The Smolny cathedral, numerous palaces etc. It’s worth visiting the neighbourhood of Saint-Petersburg. These are Petergof, Tzarskoye Selo, Pavlovsk, Oranienbaum. The history of these towns plays a very important role for all the country. For example, the family of Nikolay II had been kept locked up in Tzarskoye Selo before the start of the Revolution.


    You can fall in love with Saint-Petersburg. Having come to this city once you want to come back here again and again. You'll especially like it if you visit Saint-Petersburg at the end of May or at the start of June. It’s right the time of white night here. That means it’s not dark at night. Such a geographical singularity. And besides the weather here is very warm and sunny in this period of time.

 Saint-Petersburg Subway Map